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5:01 am and follow me on twitter. top stories in the cnn "newsroom" start right now. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn sunday morning." >> i've been coming to the show for years. one of the biggest crowds i've ever seen. >> gun dealers ignore protesters as they continue with an arms expo in connecticut. is a confession imminent? why lance armstrong may come clean, but is the damage he's done to his organization irreparable. the fashion mogul who dresses the hollywood elite missing. now a desperate search for his plane. >> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it's 8:00 on the east coast. 5:00 a.m. out west. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. we begin with a small town in crisis as residents there try to come to grips with a horrible
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crime and national notoriety. allegations of scandalous cover-ups in steubenville, ohio have forced city officials to launch a website to keep the community updated. this comes amid social media pressure involving rape allegations and local high school football stars. all eyes will be focused on this outrighted community divided by loyalty when two 16-year-old boys begin their trial next month. i have to warn you, some of the content you're about to see is pretty graphic. now to cnn's susan candiotti in ohio. susan? >> reporter: randi, hundreds of protesters filled the steps of the courthouse behind me saturday to support the alleged victim and demand more arrests. that hasn't happened yet, but new details are emerging. >> welcome to steubenville. >> reporter: next month's trial is the talk of this small ohio town. the teen rape case went viral when this video appeared on the internet vogue local teens joking about the incident in a
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vulgar way. >> cool. >> that's like rape. >> it is rape. >> reporter: attorneys for the accused, trent maize on the right and malik richmond on the left, both 16, identify them in this photograph holding the alleged victim, also 16, who is not being publicly named. both sides debate whether she was conscious at this moment. during a long night of drinking at several parties last suggest, according to witnesses who testified at this hearing last october. prosecutors told a juvenile court they have evidence she was raped. >> she was unresponsive and not in a position of consent, and they knew about it, and let's be clear. they knew she was drunk. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with cnn, maize' lawyer claims his client received a text allegedly sent by the teenage girl. it reads, quote, i know you didn't rape me. >> do you have that text? >> we do, and that's something that will be introduced at trial. >> reporter: and did he reply in. >> that's something that's going to be introduced at trial, yes.
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>> reporter: why do you think she sent that? >> because i don't think she thinks she was raped. >> reporter: he would not show that or any other text. the teenaged girls attorney won't confirm any text message. >> this young girl was unconscious so she wouldn't have the ability to know whether she was raped or not on the day after or two days after, three, whatever the timing of that was. we also don't know and don't know whether the defendants were texting trying to coerce or talk people into making statements and trying to build up a defense for themselves after they started realizing this thing kind of unfolded. >> police say it unfolded like this. the alleged rape occurred during all-night partying august 11th. on august 14th at 1:40 in the morning the alleged victim's mom goes to police with the flash drive of tweets and internet postings, and police open an investigation. that same day, time unknow, the alleged text message is sent.
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there is testimony from a probable cause hearing last october from a player who was there at one of the parties that night, and he testified that your client, and you'll pardon the language, used his fingers to sexually penetrate her. did that happen? >> we deny that, vehemently. >> reporter: mace' defense lawyer says prosecution witnesses have been assured they won't be charged for any photographs or videos they may have taken, a promise he says taints their testimony. however, ohio's attorney general insists he hasn't given anyone a deal. as for the alleged victim, she's not talking but through her attorney says she is seeking justice and trying to get her life back to normal. randi? >> susan, thank you very much for that. now to stanford, connecticut where a gun show is going on as planned this weekend, despite tragedy in newtown just a short drive away. the gun show features antique weapon, but that didn't stop
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protesters from calling tin sensitive. gun shows have come under scrutiny since loopholes allow guns to be sold at gun shows without proper background checks. stanford's mayor asked organizers to cancel the event but some gun enthusiasts were eager to attend. >> anybody who has no feelings for what happened up there, something is wrong with you, okay? i do, but yet if you look, i've been coming to this show for years. one of the biggest crowds i've ever seen. >> i was an elementary schoolteacher. i have a 7-year-old granddaughter. i am certainly sensitive to the idea of people with weapons entering public spaces and all the killing that's been going on. it's horrendous. i am not in favor of people having guns. i don't seat need for it. on the other hand, in this case it's art. >> reporter: after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school that killed 20 children and 6 adults three other gun shows in the area were cancelled.
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in aurora, colorado, police are investigating the circumstances around a deadly six-hour standoff. police shot and killed a gunman who was on the second floor of a house. they only five-day after the gunman shot at officers. police also found the bodies of three other people inside. authorities say a woman managed to escape uninjured earlier in that standoff. tomorrow the man accused of hoping fire in a crowded aurora, colorado movie theater will appear in court for preliminary hearing. james holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounded dozens more. this week the public may hear about some of the evidence against him for the very first time. prosecutors are expected to call scores of witnesses. the judge will determine if there's enough evidence forever holmes to stand trial. his attorneys are expected to present a diminished mental capacity defense. gun violence is going to be a hot-button issue with the new congress. on the first day last week, law enforcement introduced nearly a dozen bills related to gun but
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big political obstacles do remain. cnn's athena jones reports on that. >> reporter: as students as sandy hook elementary returned to class, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, nearly killed in a mass shooting two years ago, visited newtown, connecticut and on capitol hill lawmakers arrived to begin a new session of congress with members in both chambers taking aim at guns. >> this is a fight that the american people are going to have to stand up and stiffen their spine. >> reporter: california democratic senator dianne feinstein plans to introduce a bill to ban more than 100 assault weapons. eight years after the old banshee championed expired. another senate bill would ban high-capacity magazines, and among nearly a dozen gun bills introduced on day one in the house are efforts to ban online sales of ammunition and to require background checks for all firearm sales, including at gun shows. two bills from freshman republican congressmen would allow more guns around schools,
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echoing the position of the and a half rifle association. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> we are better than 32 more gun murders every day. >> reporter: pro-gun control groups plan to keep pressing for action, but what are the prospects for their success? >> if you're talking about stuff around the edges like maybe banning high capacity ammunition magazines, that might be possible. >> the nra is the big issue, but i wouldn't say it's necessarily on the republican side only. it's on the democratic side also. you have fully half of your new senate has either an "a-plus or a-minus rating from the nra, want anything on gun control, you'll have half of the senate upsetting the nra so that's a very difficult proposition. >> there is no more uphill fight than this. the question is do we fight or do we knuckle under? >> reporter: president obama says he wants action on gun
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legislation this year. he's asked vice president biden to lead a task force to come up with recommendations on gun policy. they are expected this month. athena jones, cnn, washington. >> president obama is headed back to washington today ending his hawaiian vacation. there's a lot on the agenda once he gets back, including a meeting with the president of afghanistan this week. he's also expected to announce a new secretary of defense, likely former senator chuck hagel. he also has to prepare for his second inauguration. here's the president getting hit in the face with a wave during his vacation. hopefully the holiday with the first family had a few calmer moments than that one. well, the president's not the only one going back to d.c. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected back at work this week. she's been out of office since suffering a nasty fall last month which resulted in a concussion. doctors later found a blood clot in her head. one of the first things on her agenda will be testifying on the september 11th consulate attack
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13 minutes past the hour now. disgraced cyclist lance armstrong back in the headlines. the "new york times" is reporting that armstrong is considering admitting that he used banned substances. it's an allegation that he has always denied. cnn's sports mark mckay is
5:15 am
following the story for us this morning. mark? >> reporter: randi, it's a question many are asking this morning s.lance armstrong about to come clean in the "new york times" is reporting the disgraced cyclist may be thinking about doing just that concerning his use of performance enhancing drugs. you'll recall armstrong has consistently denied through the years ever doping. that didn't stop him though from being stripped of his tour de france titles and being banned for life from the anti-doping agency saying armstrong led the most sophisticated program officials have ever seen and now it's being reported he's considering admitting he use the performance enhancing drugs, but in an e-mail to cnn sports armstrong's austin-texas baized attorney says his client is not in discussion with u.s. or world
5:16 am
anti-doping agencies about a possible admission, so what would be the 41-year-old's motivation to come clean? according to the "new york times" it's to persuade anti-doping officials to restore his eligibility so he can resume his athletic career. armstrong is hoping to compete in triathlon. that's a sport that upheld the ban against him taking part in sanctioned events. experts believe any confession would bring with it potential legal minefields for armstrong who did testify under oath that his cycling greatness was not tainted by illegal substances. randi? >> mark, thank you very much. for more on this story i want to bring in author and cycling analyst dave shields. dave has followed lance armstrong's career and written a novel called "the tour" about the highly competitive world of cycling and the role of doping in it. dave is in slit they morning. good morning to you. when writing that book, you did a lot of research and actually went tour de france.
5:17 am
when you spoke with the athletes, how widespread did you find that doping really is? >>. >> one thing i found my initial impressions of what was going on were very incorrect. because i had written a previous book about cycling that got a lot of attention in the cycling community, i was fortunate that a lot of athletes wanted to talk to me. they knew that i was writing a book. they knew that it dealt with the pressures to use drugs, and they were willing to tell me exactly what they were going through because they didn't want to say it publicly, but they did want the story to get out, and i found out it was very widespread obviously. >> and you've actually said when it comes to cycling, if you don't dope, you become irrelevant. i mean, do you think the sport could ever be clean? >> yeah, absolutely. there's some good things happening. there's a new method of testing which is called the biological passport which doesn't test for drugs. it tests for changes in your parameters. and i have a lot of hope that that might help. but the culture of cycling and, unfortunately, the culture that lance very much promoted is one
5:18 am
that pretty much forced anybody who wanted to be develop advantage into actually using drugs. >> so let's talk about the armstrong brand. can he recover from something like this if he does come forward and say that he did use these drugs, or do you think he should just keep quiet? >> how would you react if i came clean about my career in bank robbing to you. you'd probably say you've been robbing banks? it doesn't seem very reasonable to me because he's been so adamant. he's been -- he's literally tried to ruin people's careers and tried to intimidate people, and now there's suggestion that he's going to say, oh, by the way, i did it? i just can't believe it. >> and why do you think he would do that? i mean, is it really just about getting back into the sport? >> i think that's probably one of the things. he definitely is a very competitive person and wants to do that. there's a lot of other pressures. he's not the only one currently under trial. there's johan bruneil, his old
5:19 am
doctor and things like that. i have a feeling there's pressures coming on in some of those trials that is suggesting to him things will come out that are out of his control, and now he's thinking, oh, well the best way to protect myself is to get that information out, but it's -- you know, it's very self-serving. >> maybe trying to get ahead of it. do you think an admission and apology would help livestrong, his organization? i mean, are they suffering as a result of his denial? >> you know, i've been very involved with livestrong for years and been out to many of their events all over the nation. it's an organization that's made up of some incredible people. it's done some tremendous good. they have divorced themselves from lance, and i think they will just have to continue distancing themselves from him more and more. i think that they are going to be hurt by anything that happens to them which is unfortunate, but, you know, the reality is they are very much separate entities at this point. >> so if he does come clean, you -- you have always said you
5:20 am
were an armstrong supporter. would that be enough for you? >> for me it would be too late. you know, it's -- i think that in life we -- we try to believe people when somebody violates that trust and we start to realize, wait this, person doesn't really know the value of telling the truth, which is what i've certainly seen from armstrong. i'm not -- i'm not going to go in there and get fooled again, you know. he doesn't know how to tell the truth. >> dave shields, appreciate your time this morning. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. he's helped run a multi-billion dollar fashion brand, but now he is missing. we'll have more on vittorio m s missoni and how he's left his mark on the fashion world. try alka-seltzer. kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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22 minutes past the hour now. venezuelan officials say we can expect an update on president hugo chavez's health in the next few days. the controversial leer has a severe lung infection and is, quote, fighting for his health. chavez remains in cuba where he's recovering from his fourth
5:24 am
cancer surgery. madonna, katie holmes and jennifer lopez, well, they have all worn missoni, the italian brand known for its multi-color zig-zagged designs and the house of missoni has made its way into the house of consumers and now its founder has dis appearappea the coast of venezuela. a search is now on to find the plane. >> tell me first about where this plane was headed, about the flight itself. >> well, we know that vittorio missoni, one of the three heirs to the fashion empire was with his wife, another couple, a pilot and co-pilot in the islands of los roques and left
5:25 am
there and we know the 71-year-old venezuelan-born pilot spoke to the mainland, and that was the last we heard of the six of them. >> just ten miles out. >> ten miles out. >> so they have disappeared somewhere off the venezuelan coast. >> from what we understand he was actually heading back home to italy, right, maybe to unveil a new line? >> that's right. they were going to the main airport in caracas. they were going to go to madrid and then to italy, and it's the latest in the men's wear fashion which is in fact designed bice by his sister. >> this is so popular. you see it everywhere. how did they get started? >> started with their parents in the 1950s. you had verdictio and rosito missoni started knit wear and from that it really morphed into a major fashion empire and the missonis have been credited with making madrid one of the fashion hubs of the world.
5:26 am
>> so he played a pretty big role, vittorio did. >> he has just in terms of the expansion, the international expansion, toe bear in mind he works with his brother luka and sister and various grandchildren as well and they was the one responsible for doing the deal with target. >> i remember seeing it there. did it do well? >> so well that in 2011 when target joined with missoni, the website of target crashed. you could not get on to that website to get your missoni at a more affordable price, bringing fashion to the maesz and people like me. >> wow. so -- but on a more serious note. they are out there and trying to get in touch with somebody who might be able to find this plane. >> the chances ever actually finding a plane in this water, hope they find the black box so we at least know what happen but you look at the grief and uncertainty that they are going through and what happens to the fashion umpire, bearing in mind
5:27 am
you have luka, angela and the grand daughters, and the parents are still very involved. vittorio at 91 is involved and his wife still designs the housewear, and this is a company now expanded into fragrance, apparel and even hotels. >> well, let's see what they find. i'm not going to give up hope yet. you never know. nad yeah, thank you very much for the update on that. now, if you've tried every diet plan and nothing seems to work, well, you may want to try serving your meals with a bit of catholicism. i'll talk with the author of "cravings" who will tell us how god might help you feel full.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. welcome back, everyone, to "cnn sunday morning. "i'm randi kaye. bottom of the hour. here are some of the stories we're watching this hour. officials in steubenville, ohio have launched a website to keep the community updated amid a rape case that has consumed the town. outrage is building over how authorities handled the case in which two 16-year-old boys from a popular high school football team are accused. some allege a cover-up. town leaders say the website is
5:31 am
meant to combat false information about the case. the two boys are charged with raping a girl back in august. the six men accused in the brutal gang rape and death of a young woman in india will head to coach on monday. the suspects are charged with murder, rape and kidnapping and will be tried in one of the country's so-called fast-track courts. the brutal attack has sparked protests all over the country. in syria president bashar al assad addressed the nation in a rare speech this morning. his last address was six months ago, but not much has really changed in his eyes. he, again, stood firms against calls around the world for him to step down blaming a conspiracy for his country's turmoil and incessant bloodshed. according to u.n. reports, in nearly two years of fighting, more than 60,000 syrians have been killed. >> there's some good news this morning for hockey fans. it seems that a tentative agreement has been reached that could save the season. the deal comes after an all-night negotiating session that lasted 16 hours. any new collective bargaining agreement still has to be
5:32 am
approved by the players and owners before the puck drops again. more than 500 games have been cancelled. shell oil says the drilling rig that ran aground off alaska's southern coast is ready to be towed away. the company says there's no evidence of leaking oil, and the fuel tank appear intact. the rig was being towed back to its winter home in seattle and ran into a severe storm and grounded just over a week ago. for today's faces of faith, we're talking about cravings. we all have them, and around this time of year, with so many new year's resolutions to get fit, cravings may be extra strong. today's guest knows all about that. she was never bulimic or anorexic and never overweight, yet mary struggled with body image and eating for years until she found some solace in god. she has written an entire book about this called "cravings," a
5:33 am
catholic's wrestle with food, self-image and god. she joins me now from albany, new york. mary, good morning. in your book "cravings," you're kind of saying that we can take control of our eating and our lives by relinquishing control to god, is that right? >> that's right, randi. it's a paradox, and yet it's a real challenge for most of us, because we want to believe that we are in control of every aspect of our lives, and so we expend all of this energy, often using food to try and do that. if we lose five more pounds, i'm going tonight person that i need to be, and we try all these different diets and all these different plans, but they often don't work or if they do they don't last because we're not really get together heart of the matter which is what are we hungry for? and if we have food issues, we're not hungry for potato chips and ice cream, it's for self-full millment in our lives and love. those things only do when we do soul-searching and get connected
5:34 am
with god and establish new practices to replace the old habits. >> so in a sense that's what we're driving, you're saying? >> yes. i think oftentimes we're using food to fill a void for something much deeper. it's easier to eat than to do that searching that we need to do. >> how do you handle that guilty feeling? we see it all the time. might see a piece of chocolate and love it and say oh, we can't eat that. how do you handle that? >> right. i love food. i love to cook. my blog even features a foodie friday recipe post where i share things every week, so i hope people come away from this understa understanding that the cravings is not about dieting about it's a celebration of food and that when we put food into its rightful place in our lives we can enjoy it without the guilt, so if you love chocolate, eat chocolate. just don't eat chocolate all the time and the catholic faith kind of provides us with a template of that in that we have seasons of feasting and fasting. we don't always feast and we
5:35 am
need to bring balance to our lives and that balance on a day-to-day basis tends to come when we're spiritually connected and connected to something bigger than ourselves. >> you also write turning to god to see our true selves, like when people think that they might look fat in pictures. in fact, can i share a picture of you from 1982. we happen to have one, and you were have -- >> oh, go g right away. >> you were very critical of how you looked in this photo, and anyone who is looking at that knows that you look fit and you look like you're in great shape, so how did you see yourself then, and how do you -- how do you -- what do you get from god that helps you see the true picture there? >> i think very few of us look in the mirror and see our true selves. we tend to see our flaws magnified, and i can look at that picture now from 25 years ago and say, okay, i thought i was overweight then. not only was i not overweight. i might actually have been thin, but at the time i was seeing
5:36 am
something that wasn't reality because i was seeing what i wanted to be, and i didn't fit into what i wanted to be, and so i think when it comes down to it, it tells people it's not necessarily only people overweight who have these issues. you could be exactly what the doctor says you're supposed to be and the number on the scale can still define you. if you're not satisfied on a deeper level so that's -- a lot of this has to do with self-acceptance, and that's not -- not easy, and so we -- we need to turn to goode god because we can't do it on our own. >> i want to ask you about this passage in the bible that i understand really resonated with you. it reads you formed my inmost being. you knit me in my mother's womb. i praise you so wonderfully, you made me. wonderful are your works. what should people take away from that passage, mary? >> yeah. my first deep experience with that psalm is when i was on a retreat team with a women's retreat and i was working with that and every time i read it i could real walls of resistance going out because quite frankly
5:37 am
i didn't think i was wonderfully made and a lot of us didn't feel that way. i would be wonderfully made if i was 20 pounds lighter, if i was a size 4, had more money, had a different job so oftentimes we're not seeing ourselves as wonderfully made just as we are, and a big part of that is understanding that god loves us unconditionally as we are right at this very moment. it doesn't mean we don't want to improve or that we have to lose weight to get healthier or fit, that those things don't define us. our weight is not a barometer of our self-worth. >> before i let you go, we can learn a lot with how the monks eat so leave us with your final thought on that. >> you know, the monks are like the slow food movement. we see all these movements today, and it's an attempt to bring sanity to our food and our meals. we can look to them. these are ancient practices, the way we serve food and prepare it, bringing love into the way we eat and some reverance. you know, bringing prayer into our meals at home. for catholics, the mass is a
5:38 am
meal, and so we can take lessons from that. how do we celebrate mass? we do it with reverance. don't drive through and grab it and eat it in the car. let's bring some helpful practices where we're focusing on the food in front of us, the people that are around us, and in doing that we'll find that we're satisfied and not looking for something else ten minutes later. >> what a nice conversation with you this morning, the author of "cravings." thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. this week the public may hear about some of the evidence against james holmes for the first time, and a judge will decide if he can stand trial accused of killing 12 people in aurora, colorado. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though.
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tomorrow the man accused in the aurora, colorado movie theater shooting will appear in court for a preliminary hearing. james holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. here's cnn's casey wayians with more on the hearing. >> reporter: aurora, colorado, just after midnight, july 20th, 2012. >> 315 and 314, first shooting at century theaters.
5:42 am
there's somebody shooting in the auditorium. >> he came down with the gun in my face, three feet away from me at that point. in that instant i didn't know what to do. i was terrified. >> we need rescue inside the auditorium. multiple victims. >> guy standing by the exit firing away. not aiming at a specific person. just aiming everywhere, trying to hit as many people as he can. >> i've got a child victim. i need rescue at the back door of theater nine. >> i was just thinking we've got to get out, just got to get out. and if i fall dead, just get my kids out of here. it was just so horrible. >> the suspect is going to be male, unknown race, black kamo outside outfid believed to be wearing a vest, gas mask and multiple long guns. >> you have a right to remain silent. >> reporter: that suspect, 25-year-old james holmes, is charged with killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. prosecutors are expected to call scores of witnesses before
5:43 am
arapahoe district judge william sylvester. he'll determine whether the evidence is sufficient for holmes to stand trial on more than 150 counts, including murder, attempted murder and weapons charges. the weapons included explosives allegedly used to booby trap holmes' apartment. his attorneys are expected to present a diminished mental capacity defense. >> the government is going to absolutely say that. the government is going to say this guy wasn't crazy, crazy like a fox. he was conniving, he was premedita premeditated. he was me thod today call, and that all may be true, but at the same time you can be all those things, but you can also have a mental disease or defect. >> he had been seeing a psychiatrist at the university of colorado where he was a doctoral candidate in neuroscience until dropping out in june. his attorneys says he was hospitalized in november after repeatedly banging his head into a jail wall. the preliminary hearing is expected to last several days. the judge has issued a sweeping
5:44 am
gag order so this may be the first time that the public hears much of the evidence against holmes. casey wian, cnn, los angeles. >> a longtime coach at the university of texas austin resigned after admitting to a relationship with a student athlete. we'll tell you about that next. g to turn it around, and we did. woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we're now leaner, and focused on what we do best. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. aig, we turned it around. thank you, america. thank you, america. thank you, america, for the freedom to insure a brighter future. when we make guarantees for people's lifetimes, we have to act as a company that will make sure we are here for their lifetimes.
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we made a commitment to repay and we did, and gave america a profit. pretty proud of that. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow. [heart beating] [heartbeat continues] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at
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welcome back, everyone. i want you to take a look at this amazing basketball play out of indiana. now, look carefully to the upper right. while trying to save a loose ball gabrielle threw up that improbable three-pointer, and yes, she sunk it. unbelievable and didn't stop it there. she went on to score 23 points, including seven threes in her team's win. pretty darn inimpressive. now to the sports on the field and the nfl playoffs. the green bay packers cruised past the minnesota vikings 24-10. aaron rodgers led the way for the pack while minnesota was without their starting quarterback who was out with a bum elbow. bad timing. saturday's other game, the texans beat the bengals. today the ravens play the colts and the redskins play the seahawks. and a controversy at the university of texas at austin. champion women's track and field coach bev kearney stepped down this weekend admitting she had an intimate relationship with an adult student athlete ten years
5:48 am
ago. in a statement the university says they do not believe that coach kearney had any similar relationships with studented a let's either before or after that reported relationship. the 55-year-old had been on paid leave since november amid the rumors. time to get you ready for the week ahead with our nancy week-ahead call dawar here. on monday, we've been talking quite a bit on james holmes, the man accused of opening fire in a crowded aurora, colorado movie theater. he'll be in court for a preliminary hearing. he's charged, as you may recall, with killing 12 people and wounding dozens more during the shootout of that batman movie. on monday we'll be watching for secretary of state hillary clinton who will be back at home. she's been discharged by doctors at the hospital last week after being treated for a blood clot in her brain. she is expected to be back at work sometime this week. it could be as early as money. on thursday, we'll be watching for hugo chavez. the president is supposed to be inaugurated to his fourth term,
5:49 am
but his fragile health is casting some doubt on whether or not he'll make it. acording to venezuelan officials he's still in cuba fighting for his health so we'll see if he is indeed inaugurated. on saturday a big weekend of entertainment kicks off. we have the 2013 miss america pageant. that's going to be live on abc, and on sunday the golden globes awards. that's the big awards show. the 70th annual golden globes awards on nbc hosted by the very funny amy poehler and tina fey. you know the two of them together, that will be an interesting one. be sure to check that one out. now let's check in with cnn's candy crowley who is in washington. good morning, candy. sources are now telling cnn apparently this morning that president obama is expected to nominate former senator chuck hagel possibly next week as defense secretary. will this presumed nomination, do you think, meet any resistance? >> i think so. at least -- resistance as many
5:50 am
promised. now whether it's resistance in the forms of lots of tough questions or resistance in the form of this is not going to happen and we're going to filibuster, i can't tell you. here is the problem. chuck hagel is a republican. he is a vietnam veteran. he has many supporters who say he is a perfect tough guy, but we have republicans who say, wait a second. he's made some remarks that some folks think are not sufficiently supportive of israel. he had objected to sanctions against iran and instead wanted direct negotiations. he made some remarks seen as anti-gay. he's since apologized, but he made them like eight, nine, ten years ago and apologized a couple weeks ago so there's questions there. a lot out there. when you're a senator, you say a lot of stuff and cast a lot of votes and it's mostly republicans. this is something that on paper looks like here's a bipartisan thing. i'm going to put a republican in
5:51 am
the defense department which is a democratic president's favorite place to put a republican, and it's the republicans objecting, but on hagel's support for israel there's also some democrats who say i have a lot of tough questions. again, whether tough questions --ful president makes this nomination, whether tough questions turn into you know a resistance path i don't think we'll know but they will be really interesting hearings. >> they certainly will be. we spoke with congressman engel yesterday, and he also weighed in on that as well. let's talk about since you mentioned the republicans, are they willing to let the government default over the cuts to social security and medicare, do you think, as we move ahead to this next debate over the sequester and the spending cuts? >> well, i mean, i think the first up is the debt ceiling, and that's where you're now beginning to hear talk of, well, maybe we'll partially shut down the government. the president said i'm not -- i am not going to have a debate
5:52 am
over whether we should borrow money to pay for what we've already spent. only he says to pay for what congress has already spent, and the republicans are saying, well, we're not going to raise that debt ceiling and allow the u.s. to borrow unless we get one for one. a dollar in the raised debt ceiling and a dollar in spending cuts, so i'm not sure where this is going. some republicans say, hey, we're going -- this is where we're going to get our spending cuts because they don't think they got any in the fiscal cliff plan that was just passed and this is where they want to make that stand. will all of them make it because it will need all republicans, particularly in the senate, to stick with that. so we'll see. it's another one of those, you know, games of chicken again. >> kind of getting tired of those, aren't you? >> me, too. need a new analogy. >> candy, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> kee it here for "state of the union" that starts in nine minutes. 9:00 a.m. eastern time right here on cnn. well, this is one of our favorite stories this morning.
5:53 am
take a look here. this black and white kitty was caught sneaking into a brazilian prison were saws, drills, batteries and a cell phone taped to its body. security guards no doubt did a double take when they caught the feline felon trying to get into the prison on new year's eve. officials say they don't know who the cat was looking for and that all 250 inmates are suspects. well, it's almost time to mark those ballots. oscar season is nearly upon us. the nominations are out this week. will "zero dark thirty" or "lincoln" hear their names called. we'll find out.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
. welcome back. it looks like someone may be bidding adieu to his home country. french-born actor gerard depardieu has officially received a russian passport after flying to his new homeland for a late-night dinner with president vladamir putin last
5:57 am
night. depardieu sought russian citizenship as part of his battle against a proposed super tax on millionaires in france. hollywood's biggest and most glamorous night is just around the corner. the 85th academy awards, but first the nominations have to be announced, and that is happening this week. on thursday joining us live for a preview is editor tom o'neill. good morning, tom. nice to see you on this sunday morning. >> good morning, randi. >> which film is expected to grab the most nominations, do you think? >> that's undoubtedly going to be "lincoln" with 12 or 13 which is a lot considering 14 is the record. so watch for "lincoln" on many fronts because daniel day-lewis is probably the front-runner to win best actor, probably a slam dunk, but whether or not it wins best picture is something else. this is probably the craziest race i've seen in years. at gold derby we track the predictions of 28 experts, and just in september when we
5:58 am
started polling them "silver linings playbook" was out front and then "argo" and then "les mis." i'm not sure i believe any of it. >> hard to see him as lincoln. you believe he is lincoln. best actor, who do you think is up for best actress? >> that's going to be a fight between jennifer lawrence, i know you're a fan of "the hunger games," i am, too, but here she will be nominated for "silver linings playbook," and her toughest competition is probably jessica chastain from "zero dark thirty" and we know that because these stars have already popped up on the early awards this season, and they fit -- they fit the profile of the -- of what oscar voters like. they like a young beautiful woman who is just coming into her own. think of past winners like hallee and nicole kidman and julia roberts. unfortunately, they one pretty much like a beauty pageant, and this year these two stars, you know, fit that bill pretty well. >> and supporting actress, i'm
5:59 am
hearing a lot of buzz about anne hathaway. >> yes. anne hathaway can't lose. 28 experts of gold derby and 27 say she's got this in the bag. there's a lot of goodwill for her, and also there's an interesting parallel between her and jennifer hudson who one for "dream girls." >> and this would be for "les mis" she has the big powerful ballad songs like hudson did in "dream girls." >> quite the singer. saw her on "saturday night live" when she was hosting, and she can belt it out. >> yeah, surprisingly. she's very good at just about everything, and i think it's her time. >> so the golden globes next weekend. that will certainly give us a pretty good idea of who the favorites, are right? that's how this works? >> in the acting categories, yes, but in the past eight years they have been out of sync with the oscars in terms of best picture because historically they line up about 60% of the time, and it gets a little

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